Our Faith

Holy Trinity School builds on its traditions as a welcoming family based on the Catholic faith, and aims for its members to be touched by a Christian spirituality.

Through inspired leadership we endeavour to assist all our community to achieve their full potential. We aim to provide an education which is relevant to the 21st Century, based on a harmony of the physical, academic, cultural and spiritual.

Religious Education and Catholic ethos set our school apart. We follow the same Religious education syllabus as all catholic schools in the Armidale diocese. In the primary department this syllabus is called Celebrating our Journey; in the secondary it is called Faithful to God, Faithful to People. 

School Prayer:

Holy Trinity,

mystery of God

be present in our lives

May the love of the father protect us,

May the light of Jesus shine in us,

May the power of the Holy Spirit

inspire us to work together

so that all may have life to the full

We ask this through Christ our Lord





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