K-6 Staff

Acting Assistant Principal 

Mr Nicholas Baird


Religious Education Co-ordinator

Mr Nicholas Baird

Curriculum Co-ordinator

Mrs Jenny Lewis

Learning Technologies Co-ordinator

Miss Toni Palmer

Learning Enhancement Teacher

Mrs Cathy Koch


2015 Teaching Staff

Early Stage 1:

KC       Mrs Deb Carrigan

KD       Mrs Trish Dal Santo


Stage 1:

1L        Mrs Catherine Lane

1D        Mrs Robyn Ditchfield and Mrs Carole McNeil

2KL      Mrs Cathy Koch and Mrs Jenny Lewis

2W      Mrs Laurelle Wales     


Stage 2:

3W         Ms Megan Wilson

3/4S         Mrs Renee Stewart 

4G          Mrs Samantha Gleeson


Stage 3:

5B          Mr Peter Baz

5/6D      Mrs Claudia Dolbel

6P          Miss Toni Palmer


Release Teacher:

Mrs Marianne Witherdin


Mrs Anne Dale

Student Support Teachers:

Mrs Kath Baird

Mrs Carole McNeil

Education Assistants:

Mrs Tracie Higgins (Aboriginal Education Assistant)

Mrs Heather Williams

Miss Maddi Leighton

Ms Jess Constable (Aboriginal Education Assistant)

Ms Sarah Brockway (Mini Lit Tutor)

Mrs Julie Griffey (Mini Lit Tutor)

Mrs Kerry Moore (Mini Lit Tutor)

Mrs Sandy Swan (Mini Lit Tutor)

Mrs Dana Fleming (Mini Lit Tutor)

Technology Support:

Mr Matt Savage

Mr Michael Grant




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