About 7-10

Holy Trinity School provides a learning environment in which students aged between 12 and 16 are exposed to a broad range of educational opportunities while facing the intellectual and social challenges of the teenage years. Our aim is for each student to reach his or her full academic, social and emotional potential.

Students in Years 7 to 10 are at a critical period in their lives when they are laying the foundations of their journey towards adulthood. At the core of our thinking at Holy Trinity School is an understanding of the importance of developing productive and supportive relationships. Students are given confidence to explore personal challenges within a nurturing, caring environment. They are encouraged to develop determination and perseverance, to learn from their mistakes, to know they are good at something and that they are valued and respected as part of our school community.

Secondary students benefit from:

  • small class sizes, extensive resources, professional staff and an innovative curriculum that brings choice and a sense of cooperative learning
  • a wide range of sporting and cultural activities as well as involvement in community service 
  • opportunities for leadership to help give a voice to our student body
  • a well organised curriculum structure that provides clear direction of student expectations.

ICT in the Secondary:

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are used to enhance the learning process at Holy Trinity School. Students have access to a wireless network throughout the entire school, a well-equipped computer lab, as well as banks of laptops and iPads througout the Secondary. Many rooms have interactive white boards and all classrooms have Apple TV. ICT is integrated into learning across the curriculum.

BYOT Pilot Project:

There is currently underway a pilot, involving the full integration of mobile learning devices into the classroom, with Year 8. This program will run on the basis of a ‘Bring Your Own Technology’ (BYOT) model, using the Apple iPad.  This pilot will help inform decision-making regarding future directions of ICT at Holy Trinity School.

Pilot Goals:

  • To increase student productivity both inside and outside the classroom when completing assignments, projects and other activities assigned in all KLA’s.
  • To improve access to academic resources such as textbooks, scholarly sources and content rich media.
  • To facilitate mobile learning across the School and beyond.
  • To promote individual creativity and learning by establishing access to educational resources and providing tools to craft information in ways that support specific curricular requirements.




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